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Our approach is modular and includes:

  • Brand positioning, brand story, key messaging

  • Development of a new name

  • Creation of a logo which adheres to branding standards

  • Implementation: brand inventory checklist and client journey mapping



My process for brand building is comprehensive and includes the following recommended activities:



  • Brand Jam Session: I will spend a 2 – 3 hours at advisor’s offices [or via Zoom conference if preferred] to facilitate a discovery session where we will discuss the practice from a brand perspective. This is a great opportunity for me to experience your culture firsthand and spend time to gain practical insights into the people and the practice. This session is always of value.

  • Follow up Interviews: Occasionally, I will request follow up calls with participants to gain additional clarification from the session. These conversations are not time-consuming.

  • Online Client Survey: I will invite your clients to complete a short online survey focusing on how they perceive your brand today. We will learn how they feel about working with the people and how they view the practices strengths and weaknesses. I will analyze results to help inform the brand positioning, messaging and story. The online client survey will include 4 – 5 key questions. The analysis will fold into the work session report.

  • Brand Audit: I will review all current brand communications; including the Website and social media platforms to learn how the practice currently communicates and assess the degree to which the brand is being conveyed.



  • Positioning, Strategy & Story: Based on my learning from the above activities, I will craft an overarching brand position; define the messaging that supports the positioning and write the brand story.

  • Work Session: I will schedule a one-hour video conference to review of the findings, insights and take the team through all of the brand recommendations. The result is a fully articulated brand positioning and story suitable for implementation.



  • Name Development: Working with my outside team of naming specialists, we will develop a list of names using naming techniques that have been refined over 35 years of brand building.  I will take all names through preliminary trademark screening for identical conflicts in the U.S. Federal trademark register before presenting a list of 10-12 name candidates. If necessary, I will conduct one additional round of tightly focused names based on your feedback.


  • Logo Development: I will develop a design brief that will serve as the basis for a creative exploratory. All designs will adhere to strict branding standards and allow for appropriate reviews and approvals.

  • The design exploratory will include up to 3 design concepts which typically include 8 – 10 logo candidates for review.

  • I will include one [1] round of additional design, color exploration and/or refinements, if required.

  • Final deliverable includes a complete suite of approved logo files for use in all formats.



  • Getting Started Checklist: A comprehensive checklist to inventory your brand assets to begin converting to the new brand; the list is free and contains a complete To Do List and timetables for implementing the brand. Consultation available upon request.



  • Journey Mapping Online Session: I will spend a 2 – 3 hours via video conference call with advisors to facilitate a comprehensive walk through of all client points of touch. This mapping session is broken down into four sections:

    • Pre-engagement – activities that occur before a prospect becomes a client

    • Engagement – activities that engage and vet a potential client

    • Onboarding – activities that bring a new client into the practice

    • Ongoing – activities that drive client satisfaction and build loyalty


This is a valuable exercise that allows you to map all of the important activities that take place within your practice to attract, retain and grow clients. And to identify the key client interactions that drive your practice and deliver the most value. You will gain an overview perspective of how you are interacting with your prospects and clients; what you are doing well and where improvements can be made to enhance the client experience.


The result of is a fully documented client journey map, complete with insights and recommendations that will highlight opportunities to better align your brand with the client experience across all point of touch.



Brad is a renowned keynote speaker for many Fortune 100 companies across the world where his talks on the importance of branding are widely respected and well-received. He brings a psychologic, and at times anthropologic perspective to the subject of branding that add a layer of context and understanding that can only come from years of "in the trenches" experience.


Brad believes in the art of storytelling and shares with audiences his tales of building some of the world's great brands and the exciting, and often incredible behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Such as the captivating story of a branding project for the Ministry of Tourism of a Central American country that got abruptly upended by a military coup.


Brad tells the story of being in the desert of New Mexico on a project and watching the juxtaposition of road runners racing across the surface of the desert while a squadron of F-35 Lightings scream overhead; all during a tour of the construction of Spaceport America, the first private-public Inter orbital spaceport that is home to Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.


Brad has entertaining anecdotes of working with financial advisors to accelerate their practices using branding techniques tailored specifically to their needs. Note: Be sure to ask him about the top-performing advisor who has a side passion as a psychic.


Brad's presentations are always crafted to the specific audience and are wildly engaging, funny and packed with practical knowledge that can be put into immediate practice.

"… it was like an insider look at branding…”

Ameriprise Financial

“I love the stories–this can take our firm to the next level.”

Cetera Financial

“Funny and I learned a lot!”

University of Florida, Warrington College of Business

“SO relevant, can’t wait to implement what we learned.”

Visit Orlando




Branding 101 with Brad Nix

May 6th, 2020 | 32:16 | E38


In this episode Brad Nix talks about the Do's and Don'ts of branding and gives important insights for business owners to think about during this time of transition.

Brad shares valuable insights on what business owners should be thinking about right now as we are all faced with significant challenges related to quarantines and business shut downs.  

Brad can be found at

or on linkedin

Branding Ideas In A Time of Coronavirus

May 22nd, 2020 | 22:02 | E39

A follow-up conversation with brand expert Brad Nix. We discuss ideas and strategies that business owners can implement today in this age of quarantines and coronavirus.


Bradley Nix

For more than 35 years, Brad has applied his skills to a variety of renowned brands around the world for such clients as The Economist, Canyon Ranch, Japan Airlines, FedEx, and the country of Mexico.

Brad was formally trained at Young & Rubicam in New York and was one of the initial Americans to join Dentsu, Young & Rubicam, the first Japanese-American joint-venture advertising agency where he was responsible for global advertising initiatives for Colgate-Palmolive, Brooks Brothers, and Nikko Hotels. 

Brad was also directly responsible for the creation of branding programs for the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. and the National Crime Prevention Council -- where he is credited with the co-creation of McGruff, The Crime Dog, children’s campaign.

Brad graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in psychology. 

He lives in Orlando, Florida, with his daughter, Lauren and their dog, Vonnegut.


Kevin Bové

Special Advisor

Business Growth Driver. Brand and Marketing Strategist. Sales Leader. Business Operations Strategist. Team Builder.

High impact executive across diverse categories, organizational sizes, and business maturity stages. Solutions designer for Fortune 100 companies to small enterprises. Builder of effective growth strategies. Producer of meaningful experiences for stakeholders. Seeker of actionable insight. Connector of an organization's reason for being with stakeholder's reasons for caring.

Integrating brand, marketing, and sales strategy across multiple categories including retail, manufacturing, service, research, and health categories. Experience on each side of the agency relationship as brand and marketing agency executive serving clients, and on the client side managing agency relationships. Business operations analysist and strategist. Collaborative team member, effective leader, connector, and relationship builder. Public speaker, facilitator, and motivator. 


Peter Olsen

Peter Olsen has been a marketing professional for over 25 years. Olsen has been the creative lead in numerous marketing campaigns for everything from package goods to hotels & resorts. Olsen started his career in New York City working at McCann Erickson on Coca-Cola, AT&T and others, and at Saatchi & Saatchi on Tide Detergent and other P&G brands. In 1992 Olsen moved to Orlando, Florida where he joined the largest hospitality marketing firm in the country eventually becoming the Chief Creative Officer. Currently Olsen is a Course Director at Full Sail University in the Digital Arts and Design program. Olsen has experience in concept development, marketing strategy, brand development, print and broadcast production, and has managed multiple teams of creative professionals.

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